Torchlight 2 is better than Diablo 3 in the most important way possible

Torchlight 2 just has just been released, and it’s already better than Diablo 3. I played five minutes of Torchlight 2 before leaving the office, and I’m going to make this call right now.

You know why? Is it the offline mode? Is it LAN play? Is it character customisation? Nope.


BETTER ferrets.

Better ferrets mean a better game. There. I just proved Torchlight 2 is better than Diablo 3.

Ferrets are of one the coolest animals ever. It’s like an adorable rat crossed with an sweet snake, then given a solid hit of speed. Those little guys are better than pretty much any other animal you can think of. Go ahead. Think of one. Sorry. Incorrect.

“But Diablo 3 has two ferrets!”, I hear you cry. Bah! Two lesser ferrets! Do ther have an adorable backpack? What about goggles?! No! Shut your face! It’s busy being wrong!

Torchlight 2 gives every single character a ferret, right from the start. Not Diablo 3 though, oh no, only the Demon Hunter gets that, and not until level 46. You don’t get to use your Diablo 3 ferrets until Nightmare mode, that means you need to finish the game once before it’ll let you anywhere near those cute little guys. Torchlight 2, on the other hand, lets you choose your ferret as part of the character creation process, and name him. No need to hold out on you, just have some ferrets. You’re welcome.

When you do finally get your pair of ferrets in Diablo 3, they constantly clip inside each other while following you. What’s the point of two ferrets if you can only see one of them because they are occupying the exact same space? It’s a waste of perfectly good ferret. Look! Diablo 3 can’t even get its ferret pathfinding sorted out.


The guys at Runic just went with quality, not quantity, and give you the best ferret experience possible. They made the guy larger, so you can get a better look at how rad he is. They show him right on the character selection screen too, so while appreciating how cool your gear is you can also go “awwwwww” at your little companion.┬áHe’s a hell of a lot more functional in Torchlight 2 to boot – What do the Diablo 3 ferrets do? Give you 10% more gold? Who cares, Torchlight 2′s ferret will go back to town and sell your trash for you, and then buy stuff for when he returns.

Sure, there are other animals you can choose for your pet in Torchlight 2, but for the life of me I don’t know why you’d pick anything other than ferret. It would be like playing a Demon Hunter in Diablo 3 and not equipping your ferret rune – you’re just playing the game wrong.

So there you have it. Uninstall Diablo 3 right now. You don’t need it any more.

Torchlight 2 is better is the most important way possible.