Astro Attack Presskit



Game: Astro Attack
Developed By: Blocky Pixel
Platforms: iOS, Android
Developers: James Bowling, Amy Pershouse, Anais Riley, Michael Thompson
Release Date (iOS): 14th April, 2016
Release Date (Android): 18th August, 2016
Price: Free
Languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Russian, Turkish, French


Store Description:

Ready player one?

Blast your way through waves of video game invaders in Astro Attack!

* Lots of video game themed ships to pilot
* Retro shooty space action!
* Chain powerups to become an unstoppable machine of invader destruction
* Simple one touch controls that even your Grandma could use
* Win new ships inside boxes of delicious sugar coated Astro Puffs!
* Show your Grandma who’s boss with Leaderboard support
* Complete missions to earn even more coins!
* Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew!

No need to blow a cartridge or tune a TV! Play Astro Attack now!

More Details:

Astro Attack is a game inspired by the classic Space Invaders, remade for a mobile device. With super simple one-touch controls, players blast their way through wave after wave of progressively more difficult enemies. Astro Attack is accessible to a wide audience, appealing to a broad love of gaming culture. One of the design goals of Astro Attack is to find something that taps into everyone’s gaming childhood. With inspirations from Atari 2600, to Galaga, to Halo, we want something for everybody.


Launch Trailer

GameBuddy Gameplay


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Update 1.1 – Game Buddy

Release Date (iOS): 26th May, 2016

Listen up, Pilots!

We’ve got a whole hanger-full of new ships for you to unlock with the “GameBuddy” update, inspired by the battery-guzzling classic handheld!

* Unlock the new “GameBuddy” ships, with a completely new theme!
* Are you skilled enough to tame the mighty (adorable) Dragicorn?!
* Want coins faster? The new Coinship Astroprize will unlock double coins on all the things! Engage!
* Want to try before you buy? Test-fly other ships with our new preview system.
* Various bug fixes and interface improvements







Update 1.2 – Astron

Release Date (iOS): 7th July, 2016

Attention Pilots!

Put down that bowl of delicious Astro Puffs, because there is no need to get up early to watch these giant robots! We have a hot new collection of 80s robots to combat the alien menace! Jump into the sleek “Black Lion”, or the mighty “Green Bear”, or collect them all and assemble them into their epic final form – the galaxy defending “Astron”!

New Features
* Unlocked the new “Astron” ships, inspired by the classic 80s cartoon. Can you unlock the final form?
* Even more new ships to unlock. Go round em up, Space Cowboy! BANG BANG BANG!
* New hidden ships – can you find the super secret ships?
* Fully localised in 12 different languages!
* Bug fixes! Interface improvements! Other small things!








Update 1.3 – FPS Update

Release Date (iOS/Android): 18th August, 2016

It’s time to configure that boot disk and tweak that autoexec.bat, because you’ll need all the hi-mem you can get with these epic new ships! Take control of the excessive BFS9k, brutal Buzza, or the sleek Plasmis, and send the new demonic invaders back to where they came from.

They’re all doomed!

- An all new theme inspired by the shooters of old!
- A new fleet of shareware ships!
- 22 totally achievable achievements for those sweet game points. Get dem cheevos!
- A totally new super secret game mode for you to discover. It’ll give you a whole new perspective!
- New control settings for those who want a faster (or slower) play style.

2016-08-04 21.37.56 2016-08-04 21.43.02 2016-08-04 21.44.21 2016-08-04 21.45.17 doomed_1

About Blocky Pixel:

Blocky Pixel is a small startup studio operating out of Brisbane, Australia. We focus on creating small, well polished, mobile games. The studio is directed by James, while he also acts as lead developer. Anais takes lead on marketing and production, and Amy and Michael focus on art. Being a small studio, we all wear many hats, and join in on the creative process.

James: A developer with a passion for everything video game. Worked on a number of mobile projects, including Tail DriftHeroes Call and Ben10 Slammers. Also a regular on the youtube game discussion show, Eight and a Half Bit.

Amy: A classy space wizard hailing from a small blue, insignificant planet in the milky way. When she’s not traversing the space time continuum or at high school, she will likely be found drawing, watching cat videos and playing video games.

Anais: Anais is a marketing specialist who uses her knowledge of the games industry and culture to help promote the latest and greatest games.

Michael: A gamer for over two decades, Michael was a late bloomer to game development. He loves anything to do with 3d art and music!

Points of Interest:

  • Blocky Pixel is made of a diverse team of developers, including a high school student.
  • Powerups chain together to get more awesome, inspired by Gunstar Heroes.
  • Two of the most active playtesters were James’ Mother-in-Law and Amy’s Mum
  • Much of the development of Astro Attack was done on a Macbook found in a dumpster. We called him Dumpy.
  • Blocky Pixel is strongly motivated to run well managed projects without crunch.
  • Astro Attack was developed part time over a year.